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excited to share our journey with you.

our story


Our story is one of love, culinary expertise, and the pursuit of a dream. We are a family-owned and operated company, founded by husband and wife duo, Chef David Kullman and Gabriela Kullman. Our journey began over a decade ago when David started his culinary career, honing his skills in various culinary roles. In 2018, fueled by our shared passion for exquisite food and hospitality, we embarked on a weekend venture, catering for friends and family. It was the first step towards realizing a dream that had always burned brightly within us: to be full-time caterers. With unwavering determination, we worked diligently to transform that dream into a reality. Finally, in 2021, Kullman Catering became our full-time career, marking the culmination of years of dedication and hard work.


a note from the chef

With a passion for culinary arts sparked at the young age of 15, I plunged into the world of flavors by enrolling in the high school culinary program. A journey that began with interning at Lido Restaurant and progressed to working under the guidance of Chef Darcy Letourno on Catalina Island, where I orchestrated daily feasts for 100-300 people.

Post Catalina island, I honed my skills on the demanding line of Ember Restaurant, learning the art of high-end cuisine. Seeking versatility, I embraced the challenge of being a chef at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, perfecting the craft of large-scale, industrial-scale food service. Juggling this with weekends dedicated to catering events along the central coast, and working as a cook at the incredible Spoon Trade restaurant where I learned the importance of having a kind and gracious leader at the helm of any food service organization. Within the catering world I swiftly ascended to the role of a site chef, where I found my true calling in food and event production. 

Venturing beyond borders, I dedicated a year to volunteering at an orphanage in Belize, orchestrating daily culinary symphonies for over 50 individuals. Navigating local markets, I infused creativity into dishes while managing a tight budget.

Dreaming of a culinary empire, I synthesized the best from each experience, birthing a company from scratch. Now, with a fusion of expertise and creativity, I'm ready to craft the event of your dreams. Let the culinary journey begin!

- david kullman Chef & Owner

words from the event manager

My journey in the industry began in 2018 as a banquet manager alongside my husband at a family friends wedding. Balancing multiple jobs at once, an educator to young children and a caregiver for the elderly, sharpened my organizational and administrative skills. I integrated my love for caring for others into our company, emphasizing client connections and a fervor for events. With a natural knack for efficient organization and management, I alleviate the stress of event planning for my clients. The meaningful connections I developed from catering fueled the creation of our sister company, Revel Events Collective, a wedding and event planning service. I’m thrilled to embark on this journey with you and I’m committed to going above and beyond for you and your guests.

- gabriela kullman Event Manager & Co -Owner


4211 Broad Street, Unit B

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401




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